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Laura Westring is a writer and leadership communications consultant who leads Public Affairs at Amiqus, a tech for good company. During her EU career her work to help young women gain positive leadership skills was recognised by Barack Obama when the White House requested that she introduce the President’s Address to European Youth during his 2014 visit to Brussels. Laura’s speech made headlines and later that year she became the youngest political speechwriter at the European Commission. Ronald de Bruin included a chapter about her impact in his book Twenty-First Century Leadership for EU Institutions. After the EU membership referendum in 2016, Laura returned to Scotland to work with profit for purpose companies. She believes trends in speech making are an important indication of the health of our democracy and occasionally provides news commentary. Laura is a trustee of the John Byrne Award and an inaugural Alfred Landecker Democracy fellow.



Event Producer

Karen Hemmati is an experienced Event Manager trusted with maintaining relationships with iconic British brands and venues for over five years. In her current role at YOURgb she leads a partnership with TSB Bank, managing their headline sponsorship with Reach Trinity Mirror for Pride of Britain, Pride of Scotland and Pride of Sport. Karen also has experience as an Events Manager and Special Needs Counselor for Camp Fairlee Manor in Maryland USA.

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Education Adviser

I work with people to help them cultivate the leadership they want to provide. I believe that leadership capability is an essential ingredient to building sustainable organisations and culture. Supporting people in developing that capability, through understanding themselves and the contexts in which they operate, is both fascinating and a privilege for me.

I bring knowledge, skills and experiences from a range of fields to the table, working with people from a range of sectors and throughout organisational structures to facilitate learning that enables exploration of thinking and skill development.

My expertise and interest is in adventurous experiential learning, performing in challenging environments, sustainability, systems thinking and adaptive leadership. I am passionate about delivering exciting, challenging and productive experiences that genuinely benefit to peoples' development that of their organisations. 




Having had insight into the creative industry from a young age, I was left with no doubts about what to do for the rest of my life. Those inspiring moments on a movie set, combined with an MEng in electronics application in Quantum Physics, and developed skills set in various industries were a priceless experience.

Thinking big and making things happen gave birth to the idea of Victorya Pictures, an indie storytelling company and a childhood dream. New challenges required a new set of skills ranging from various aspects of video production, filmmaking to online presence.

Battle with cancer and constant development got me to the point where all ideas needed to be taken to the next level. This paradigm shift resulted in embarking on a new venture called ONMAN Ltd, sportswear brand and retail company approached from a different angle. After over three years I left the company and decided to come back to my roots in visual storytelling and founded CreateGreg Ltd.

I have always been a jack of all trades, tenaciously mastering some of them. Storytelling through motion pictures, video editing, digital technologies, entrepreneurship, personal development and a healthy lifestyle has impacted my life profoundly. They are the foundation of all creative outputs and activities.

The idea of CreateGreg Ltd is to work with businesses to tell their stories so they can inspire others to take action.



Honourary Adviser

Elizabeth Van Den Bergh is an international Speaker Coach based close to Brussels, Belgium. From wanting to lead the class at kindergarten at the age of two to struggling in her teens and twenties with finding her voice. It always fascinated her how to make yourself heard and engage others. After a career in public relations and communication she decided by the age of 35 to turn this challenge into her superpower. And made it her mission to help others and especially women to become better speakers and leaders with a strong and positive vision. She works with female entrepreneurs and C-levels to help them speak with more confidence and impact.