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If ever there was one, now is the time to invest in our youth. Our youth who face unprecedented obstacles in peacetime: from the loss of household incomes to the loss of graduate opportunities; to new restrictions on travel and fewer avenues to gain paid work experience.

Now is the time to encourage young people to become compassionate, independent thinkers: our future leaders who, rather than long for change, know they have the skills to demand change; to speak up on behalf of others and to start new movements to unify our communities through shared hopes and contagious optimism.


The purpose of the school is to encourage young people to speak out about what matters to them; to demonstrate the value of investing in essential employability and citizenship skills through the school’s showcase event, and to inspire all participants to consider becoming community organisers - engaged in the enhancement of democracy - through the provision of a unique, high-value, distance learning opportunity.

Participants will complete the summer school having learned and practiced how to:

  • Approach a project calmly and constructively 

  • Engage confidently in teamwork and peer support

  • Cultivate the curiosity to understand other points of view

  • Undertake thorough and unbiased research

  • Present reasoned arguments persuasively

  • Explore what motivates others to positive action

  • Weave emotive storytelling into factual presentation

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